Maramureș and wood belong together since times immemorial. Wood has influenced and shaped the people and their lives. The architecture of Maramureş is a unique testimony of this craftsmanship. We take up this deep-rooted skill and create new perspectives.

Ever since our first visits to Maramureş the craftsmanship and skills in dealing with wood have impressed and fascinated us. We have taken up this craft, developed it further and made it an integral part of our estate. It was to our benefit that Lilli Steier, an experienced interior designer and specialist in wood construction, could guide and train our employees. Due to Mr. Vasile Trifoi, our employees on Şesuri now master the art of carpentry and joinery and so we have restored all our houses under his guidance. Stairs and floors, doors and windows, even kitchens and built-in furniture come from our own workshops. In the meantime we came to be known for our high quality work and we are also manufacturing furniture at our clients’ request, even for clients from abroad.

House building

The restoration of the wonderful Maramureş wooden cottages and to adapt them to today’s requirements has become a passion for all of us, here on Șesuri.
Casa Mariș, our first house
Casa Palaga
Casa Meceanu
Casa Cosma
Erecting the roof truss at Casa Cosma
Casa Cosma with gazebo

We currently have over ten years of experience in restoration and extension of old wooden Maramureş cottages. Of course we have made some mistakes during this time, but we have learned from them and improved ourselves. Today we have the skills to deal with this complex matter – the combination of the old, traditional house building technique and modern materials and techniques. Our expertise has convinced others to share our passion, so we currently also work at their request.

Interior finishings

”The New is concealed in the Old, the Old is revealed in the New“
The staircase understructure in Casa Cosma
Carpathian oak stairs in Casa Cosma
Solid Carpathian oak door in Casa Meceanu
Traditional window in Șura, Casa Mariș
Rustic-style staircase, Casa Meceanu
Hand-made ladder with forged handrails in Șura, Casa Mariș
Panels of red Carpathian oak, Casa Meceanu
Old wooden tiles of Carpathian oak at the washstand, Casa Meceanu
Rustic-style washstand, Casa Cosma

Our ambition regarding the interior design of our traditional cottages is wonderfully put into light by this quotation from St. Augustine.

From the planning of the layout up to the design of the smallest details, tradition and modernity meet all along competing over the best solution. In this way we crop up a space to feel well and to live in. Love for detail and quality are main demands for our staff. It is always impressive to watch how they ”pour” their soul in their works and how it manifests.

We work exclusively with native woods, natural stone from the surrounding valleys and largely with ecological, modern building materials. Using these we create floors, stairs, windows, doors and many other things, which breathe new life into the old houses.


Fine, high-quality furniture from our own workshop complete the furnishings of our cottages with a vibrant combination of old and new.
Shelf wall of Carpathian oak, Casa Mariș
Shelves with built-in wardrobes in the barn, Casa Mariș
Shelves under the pitch of the roof, Casa Palaga
Coffee table of old oak wood with hand-made steel frame, Casa Meceanu
Another table with oaken table surface with a hand-made steel frame, Casa Palaga
Kitchen of solid Carpathian oak, green stained and ready-oiled, Casa Meceanu
Kitchen of solid Carpathian oak, ready-oiled, Casa Cosma
Drawers and gliding elements in the built-in kitchen in Casa Cosma
Built-in kitchen, stained grey green and varnished, Casa Mariș
Built-in kitchen of solid Carpathian oak, Casa Palaga
Bathroom furniture, white ready-oiled, Casa Palaga
Washstand, white, ready-oiled, Casa Palaga
Gazebo made of spruce wood traditionally roofed with timber shingles, Casa Cosma
Rustic-style park furniture of solid Carpathian oak, Casa Meceanu
Gazebo furniture, Casa Cosma

All our furniture coming from our workshops is individually manufactured to dimensions according to item-by-item designs. We exclusively use wood from the Botiza forests, such as oak, cherry, walnut and ash. The surfaces are carefully treated with high-quality ecological products. This is how we create special interior and exterior furniture such as kitchens, built-in wardrobes and shelves, tables and washstands, park furniture and gazeboes.


One of the greatest passions of the wood craftsmen in Maramureş is wood carving. They seem to have been born to the manner.
Inscriptions are carefully carved out
Traditionally carved motives
Information traditionally presented
The great portal at the entrance to the village with old carved symbols
Restored porch balustrades
Handmade balustrades
Carved logo
Carved key tag

Whenever possible we resort to this craft and offer things an unmistakable identity. Our staff rediscovers themselves in their work and this fills them with pride.

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