Life in Maramureș has been shaped since time immemorial by the coexistence and togetherness of man and animal. In the wilderness around there live bears and wolves, on the fields people keep horses, cows, sheep and pigs.

We have various livestock breeds on Sesuri, which are ideally suited to the habitat conditions of the Carpathians. We breed Highland Cattle and Huculs, a robust horse breed of the Carpathian Mountains. Soon, goats and bees will be new co-inhabitants on Șesuri.

Highland Cattle

Our highlanders fit naturally in the Carpathian Mountains as if they had been created especially for this particular place and lived here since ever.
One of our matriarchs
Our curious cows
Little calf Surpriza with her mom
Tasty hay from Șesuri

The highlanders are kept all year round – summer and winter – on the meadows of Șesuri. Due to their robustness and undemanding nature they can endure even the coldest winters, protected by their thick, long wavy fur.

Our suckler cow husbandry is a type of extensive cattle farming, in which the calves are reared in the herd by the mother-cows. Our cows are not kept for dairy production, but they are bread for meat, so we pay strict attention to the compliance to ecological environmental rules. The result of our certified organic farming is a meat of the highest quality.

The small-sized, undemanding animals are also used on purpose for landscape maintenance as well. They do not destroy the sensitive upper land surfaces and keep the grazing areas free of bushes.

Carpathian horses

No other horse breed goes so well with the image of the Carpathian Mountains as the Huculs. The Romanian countryside is so characterized by horses as no other country in Europe. Anyone, who has once seen the mare herds on the high pastures, will never forget the sight.

The animals are an indispensable partner for the farmers in the Carpathian region. We on Sesuri, too use these versatile animals for work and for riding in the forests and mountains. The mares have a very balanced nature, they are sure-footed and undemanding.

We offer our guests the opportunity to go for rides in the beautiful mountains and valleys around. A ride with horse-drawn carriages is an unforgettable pleasure, especially for children.

Our Huculs come from the Stud Farm Lucina in Bukovina. Since 1870, Lucina, lying at an altitude of 1400 meters, has been the traditional territory of the Hucul breed. A trip to the stud offers certainly an impressive experience.


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