Maramureș with its coexistence of the ancient cultivated landscape, traditional management methods and original, wild forests is unique in Europe and it is an incredible treasure for locals and guests. We have made it our mission to pass over the importance of this heritage and to preserve it, as well as to use it.

Our estate in Botiza is located in a wild-life reserve - Natura 2000 - and has an incredible flora and fauna. Species of plants such as orchids, wild gladioli, carnivorous plants, cotton grass and many others require special protection. Also, the diversity of animals, such as bears, wolves, lynxes, deer, wildcats, otters, eagles and many other rare birds such as the black stork, hoopoe, golden oriole and bee-eater is exceptional. Moreover, this intact ecosystem is also home to an incredible diversity of butterflies and beetles.

All our activities and work are subject to the protection of the ecosystem and aim to support it. For this reason we traditionally mow by hand with a scythe. Our mowing starts late in the year so that seeds of the plants come to maturity. The hay is collected as food for our animals during winter. Our type of management does not only protect the environment but also preserves traditions and habitats and creates jobs as well.

We implement measures that lead to the recovery of abandoned land, affected by scrub encroachment. We regenerate productive land while preserving the old cultural landscape. Selectively we plant fruit trees and groves to make good use of the land.

We aim for the results of our efforts to be sustainable as a whole and to be measured by their economic efficiency.

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