With our workshops we transfer traditional crafts and farming in a new context, in order to develop them further and open up new perspectives for all of us. Thus, we pay respect to the Maramureș rural and artisanal culture and turn it into a new experience.

From the beginning in 2005 we have constantly sought and developed a cooperation with local people. We are therefore proud that nowadays all our employees come from Botiza. Together with Vasile Trifoi, our manager and been our partner from the ‎beginning, we have started from scratch but we have taken up the available opportunities and brought them together in an overall project. The various strands of our work complement each other, transferring traditions into our own times. They also offer economically viability livelihoods and provide new jobs.

Our workshops


The wood crafts are deeply ingrained in Maramureș, we benefit of this tradition and produce high-quality goods. more


We grow various livestock breeds on Șesuri that are ideally suited to the habitat conditions of the Carpathians. more


The for centuries cultivated landscape of Maramureș is well preserved, maintained and utilized. more