Welcome to Şesuri

We would like to introduce you to our estate Sesuri in all its diversity, to arouse your curiosity and inspire you to visit us. Life here, the people, nature and our houses will enchant you and leave a lasting and profound impression. Nature, art and tradition combine to create a unique overall experience.

The estate in the north-western Carpathians of Romania is a regional jewel with an incredibly impressive flora and fauna. Its location in a nature reserve at an altitude of 750 meters offers splendid views on the surrounding mountains and national parks. On more than 100 hectares we practice traditional landscape conservation, breed Highland Cattle and offer our guests from all over the world exceptionally beautiful holiday homes, which are unique for Maramureș through their location and facilities. Since 2005, we developed this property, together with our Romanian employees and built it up step by step. Şesuri is an overall project with a commitment to sustainability and respect for creation.

Our cottages

Your stay with us will be unforgettable, provide new impressions, let you experience the unique hospitality of the people, rediscover a nature that is long lost in other parts of the world and host you in an inspiring home.

Casa Palaga

The 200 year old house offers plenty of space in impressing large rooms. Many preserved original built-ins are a magnificent testimony of old craftsmanship in Maramureș. more

Casa Mariș

The location of this house and its stylish compiled furnishings create an incredibly pleasant ambience of leisure. more

Casa Meceanu

This house impresses with a fantastic view and a harmonious coexistence of traditional craftsmanship of Maramureș and sophisticated living style. more

Casa Cosma

Idyllically located in a fruit grove and with a delightful view on the village and the mountains, the house is an ideal hideaway for families with children. more

Casa Cătuna

Our first house all in blue – traditionally plastered with loam like a lot of houses in former times. This blue is called the blue of Voronet. more

Our workshops

With our workshops we transfer traditional crafts and farming in a new context, in order to develop them further and open up new perspectives for all of us. Thus, we pay respect to the Maramureș rural and artisanal culture and turn it into a new experience.


The wood crafts are deeply ingrained in Maramureș, we benefit of this tradition and produce high-quality goods.


We grow various livestock breeds on Șesuri that are ideally suited to the habitat conditions of the Carpathians.


The for centuries cultivated landscape of Maramureș is well preserved, maintained and utilized.

Our foundation

We are firmly convinced that we all have responsibilities towards our fellow human beings and our environment. Our foundation aims at improving the general living conditions of the people in Botiza by means of concrete projects.

Ecological projects

The unique and still unspoiled nature represents the richness of our region, it needs to be protected and enhanced.

Social engagement

Maramureș as one of the most beautiful regions of the European Union requires special support.

Cultural projects

The ancient and rich cultural heritage of this region is as well a commitment to the future as a challenge for ourselves.

We on Şesuri

We have worked for more than a decade, we have learned to bring different experiences and perspectives together, we have learned to fight and laugh together, to create something new. Everything we have achieved, we achieved it together. We are looking forward to meet you!
Lilli Steier and Volker Bulitta
Carmen Trifoi takes care of all the guests’ needs
Florica Sidau is supporting Carmen
Vasile Trifoi is the estate manager and is in charge of all areas of activity
Ioan Roib, joinery
Andrei Rosca, joinery
All hands in the carpentry and animal care
Animal care attendant Vasile Rosça
Veterinarian Dr. Raluca Paduraru and our animal care attendant Ioan Pietrar
Vasile Dolca, animal care attendant and beekeeper
Mihai Roib, animal care attendant
The diligent haymakers
The team during a break from the hard mowing job
Nugget, Mira, Barack, and Patrick, our team of dogs

Bine aţi venit!