Social engagement

Maramureș as one of the most beautiful regions in the European Union still needs special support, particularly in social matters.

Certainly, the support of the European Union and of the Romanian state is obvious in certain areas and has improved the living conditions of the people. Nevertheless much remains to be done, in areas that have not been targeted yet due to the limited means of public programs. This is where we come in!

Healthy food for children

That healthy apples are!

With the opening of the country people got access to previously unknown foods that were easily accepted and changed people’s eating habits in a radical way. As in most European countries this had a negative effect on the food preferences of children and young people. So, the subject of obese or improperly nourished children has gained in significance.

For this reason, our foundation performs nutritional education in collaboration with the teaching staff from the school in Botiza. Together with teachers especially qualified in this respect the childern learn to handle consciously the many new temptations behind the shop counter.

Renewal of the School library

A girl gives thanks on behalf of all the pupils
The official transfer in the presence of Headmistress Mrs. Sidău and Mayor Mr. Poienar

In Romania too, the training and education of children is of fundamental importance to offer and to provide new perspectives for the people in the future. In the digital age, too – and perhaps especially now - reading and studying of books play an important role. To stimulate children in reading books, an attractive offer must be available.

It is for this reason that the Volker Bulitta Botiza Fund has taken on the school library that was completely outdated and endowed it with age-appropriate, attractive books. The book selection was carefully made by the teachers in collaboration with the Bucharest ‚Carturesti‘ company, and handed over during a small celebration in summer 2015.

In 2016 the Fund will provide the library with more books. Besides this the library will be relocated in a new, more spacious room, offering the children a new, friendly ambience, stimulating them to spend their leisure time in reading.

more information: ”Graiul Maramureșului”

Sponsoring Green Fest

The Invitation to Green Fest

Colegiul National Gheorghe Sincai‘ Grammar School has committed itself to the Environment and People theme. Our foundation has significantly sponsored the annual main event with all its activities.

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