Ecological projects

The mountains around Botiza are part of the wild-life reservation Natura 2000. This unique and still intact nature is the real wealth of our region, it needs to be protected and sustained. This is one of our Foundation’s tasks.

The protection and the conservation of nature in the broadest sense is a main focus of the work of our foundation. As the centuries-old cultural landscape and the original, wild nature are two essential attractions for the region's tourism, they have a very important significance as one of the few sources of income for the inhabitants.

With the introduction of new, so far unknown models of production and consumption options, new challenges for environmental protection have occured. Due to the poverty and simplicity of life and working methods of the people here, nature has kept its balance and has remained pristine. Our foundation aims to counteract through its projects the risks of losing this balance.

Eco-lessons at the school in Botiza

Mrs. Ioana Popa explains the insect world of the Carpathians
So useful is a lizard!
Horațiu Popa inspires his pupils with exiting presentations of the fauna and flora
That was great! Finally a souvenir photo

For several years, our foundation supports the school in Botiza offering, in addition to the recommended class schedule, an Ecology Class for all grades. The classes are taught by a qualified institute from Cluj-Napoca and approach themes which change every month, such as the protection of plants and animals, waste prevention and basics of ecological contexts.

Cleaning the creeks

A brook in Botiza
Diligent aid workers in spring
Waste disposal
The cleaned brook in the village centre

Each year, in spring, together with the communal administration we clean the brooks in the two valleys of the village. The waste accumulated during the winter is collected and disposed and the exessive vegetation on the banks is cut. The brooks thus retain their natural charm and contribute to the beauty of the area.

Program for brook trout

Crew chief Ioan Bobocea and Vasile Trifoi load troutlets in Fiad
The careful transport of the troutlets
During the night the fish are planted
Crew chief at planting the fish in the mountains above Botiza

Our foundation has launched in 2013, together with the local forest administration a program to protect and increase the stock of trout populations in the brooks around Botiza. For this purpose troutlets, locally bred, have been planted into the headwaters of the brooks. In the meantime they have evolved magnificently and they are considerably increasing the already existing population; much to the delight of the brown bear, the otter, but also of the anglers.

Tree planting

The saplings are well watered by the pupils
Manure is also needed
The saplings are carefully planted
The guys after work done

In 2014 our Foundation together with the graduating class of the school in Botiza has planted trees on the brook banks in the center of Botiza. They contribute to the enrichment of the townscape and provide shade for both people and animals. Unfortunately, a very dry summer has damaged some of the young trees and we will have to repeat this campaign. The children are very excited about this.