Volker Bulitta Botiza Fond

We are firmly convinced that we all have responsibilities towards our fellow human beings and our environment. Our foundation aims at improving the general living conditions of the people in Botiza by means of concrete projects.

Since 1994, the beginning of our first hiking tours and encounters with the people of Maramureș, we have experienced incredible warmth, hospitality and willingness to help. We have considered this to be an extraordinary enrichment of our lives and as a great gift. With our commitment to Botiza we now want to give something back and show them our gratitude.

The non-profit Volker Bulitta Botiza Fund works in many projects directly with those responsible for the community to provide targetted support where common concerns can be achieved only by private engagement. Our projects are also well supported financially by the public, by sponsors and by our guests.

Our topics

Ecological projects

The unique and still unspoiled nature represents the richness of our region, it needs to be protected and enhanced. more

Social engagement

Maramureș as one of the most beautiful regions of the European Union requires special support. more

Cultural projects

The ancient and rich cultural heritage of this region is as well a commitment to the future as a challenge for ourselves. more